Best Antivirus For Gamers

Gaming is a very demanding pastime which requires adequate processor power and device storage capacity to ensure the best possible performance. Virus attacks are an ever-present risk that can cause damage to save files or even steal login information, leading to lag and even system crashes. A reliable antivirus program will shield your system from malware threats while allowing gamers to play.

The best antivirus for gamers provides strong malware detection capabilities and minimizes the impact of malware on your device performance and provides a smooth gaming experience. It should also include features like game boosters and system tuning tools to improve the performance of your device. One option that is recommended is Norton Antivirus, which boasts a high malware detection rate and employs heuristic scanning to catch new malware that hasn’t been added to its database. Its gaming-specific features include a game optimizer that can pause scans and notifications during gameplay, as well as an enhancement tool that eliminates duplicate files and junk files to make space for your games.

Another excellent option is Intego’s Web Shield, which recognizes that a lot gamers visit unreliable websites to search for addons or other game assets. This feature will warn you of potentially harmful downloads and help to shield your device from fraudulent websites that try to steal your account details or payment information.

Surfshark is another option. It offers a generous 2-year subscription + 2 months of free time and comes with a dark-web scanner that scans the dark web to find leaks of your gaming credentials. Other features include an instrument for cleaning your disks that eliminates junk files and duplicates, which allows you to free up hard drive space while ensuring that your games run smoothly. Its parental controls and system optimizer are also worth looking into.

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