Elevated Cast-in-Place

As high-rise concrete construction specialists, we are well-versed in the world of elevated cast-in-place structures. Unlike pre-cast concrete, this technique involves unhardened, ready-mix concrete that is transported to the site and poured into removable forms.

You’ll typically find elevated cast-in-place work in high-rise structures like multistory office buildings and residential developments.

We specialize in two types of elevated cast-in-place techniques:

  • Elevated post-tension slabs: This on-site technique relies on prestressing — tensioning steel cables as they run through compressed concrete — to maximize the overall strength of the structure.
  • Podium slabs: A variation of the technique mentioned above, you’ll often find post-tensioned podium slabs acting as a buffer between parking decks and residential units. Due to their thickness (24-36 inches), they are employed to provide excellent sound insulation and fire protection.

Given the highly specialized nature of these techniques, we are one of the few teams in the Atlanta area that boasts a solid track record for excellence. We hand-screed all our of elevated cast-in-place work to ensure perfect leveling and flatness. Contact us today to learn more about our services.