Also known as floating slab foundations, the slab-on-grade process involves pouring a foundational concrete slab into a form mold that is directly set against the ground.

There are several advantages to choosing a slab-on-grade foundation. First and foremost, it is an inexpensive yet exceptionally sturdy method. Second, it reduces the environmental footprint of your building process when compared to the construction of conventional basement foundations. Finally, since the wood construction on top of the slab typically doesn’t make contact with the ground, the building is less susceptible to termite infestations.

This type of foundation is typically found in warmer climates where the ground rarely experiences freeze/thaw cycles and under-the-floor heat ducting isn’t as much of a necessity for living. However, builders in cooler climates can also enjoy the durability and affordability of slab-on-grade foundations by incorporating skirt insulation, which surrounds the perimeter of the slab and buffers it from extreme temperature fluctuations.

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